'A Guide to Sugarcraft' DVD series 

"Modelling & Cake Carving : Dragons"

Elaine Thomas, aka Mystical Mischief to the online community, debuts her fourth 'How to' DVD - "A Guide to Sugarcraft Modelling & Cake Carving: Dragons".

Disc 1: Elaine Guides you through carving and covering 'A Sleepy Dragon' cake. Watch and be amazed at how such simple shapes, can be easily turned into something magical.

Disc 2: See the sleepy dragon completed. Then carry on along your sugarcraft journey and watch the techniques used, to create 'A Baby Dragon' sugar model.

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"Modelling: People"

Elaine Thomas, aka Mystical Mischief to the online community, debuts her third 'How to' DVD - "A Guide to Sugarcraft Modelling: People".

On this 4 disc special, Elaine has generously given away her secrets to building character models. The DVD provides a brilliant visual aid for those who prefer to learn this way and supplies you with all the key ingredients, to create your own original models.

Whilst building a man, woman and child. Elaine reveals in detail, how she brings humour and emotion to her models. Amongst the footage is information on how to make your models stand, sit or slouch. Wear a jumper, T-shirt or a baseball cap and much, much more. It's a great way to start your character modelling journey.

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"Modelling: Ragdolls"

Once again, Elaine has generously, given as much information as possible, with 2 DVDs guiding you step-by-step, whilst building a girl and boy ragdoll.

Disc 1, Elaine starts by taking you through the tools and equipment you'll need to build these cute additions to any small child's cake. She then shows you how to make the basic head shape, before carrying on to create the girl ragdoll.

Disc 2, Elaine guides you through making a boy ragdoll and then treats you, in true Mystical Mischief style, to more bonus footage, including 'Lettered Baby Blocks', 'Baby Bottle' 'Uniformly Sized Balls', and 'Mixing Colours Exactly'.

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"Modelling : Teddy Bear and Cuddly Rabbit"

The first in a series of 4 DVDs. 

This 2 disc set, takes you through basic modelling skills and techniques. With nearly 3hrs of footage which includes lot's of hints, tips and bonus features, you'll be able to follow Elaine closely and see with your own eyes how produce professional looking figures, which you'll be able to replicate when creating your own cakes.

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