Modelling Arms and Hands 
You will need:
 Bone tool, Craft knife, Small drinking straw, trex, Flesh modelling paste
Roll a sausage approximately 6cm (2½") long.
Using 2 fingers 2cm (½") apart, roll backwards and forward to make 2 dents in the arm.
Flatten one end into a spoon shape.
Make the first cut for the thumb about a 3rd of the way across the hand, then cut outwards diagonally to make thumb.
Mark fingers with the knife ensuring you don't cut straight through.  Do the middle one first to the centre of the hand then the nearest one to the thumb slightly higher and the outer one slightly lower.
Push the knife into the edge of the fingers to  make the tips and round them off.
Mark nails into the fingers with the point of the drinking straw.
Take the pointed tip off the thumb with knife and mark a nail with straw, ensure the nail is on the side of the thumb.
Turn the piece over and stroke the palm of the hand with the bone tool to make it curl and look more natural.
Bend the arm at the center/elbow were it is thickest.
Finished Arm and Hand
From here you can manouver it to were you want it to sit, but ensure that it only bends were the joints would be.
© Designed and created by Elaine Thomas @ creative celebration cakes.