This horse has made many an appearance.  Made in different colours, you can make them race by popping a jockey on them or even make him white with strips and adapt him into a zebra.
You will need:
Paintbrush, cocktail stick, spaghetti, drinking straw (tapered at one end), ball tool, craft knife, water, sugarglue, smoother (or sugar gun), sponge/foam (not shown)
Modelling paste
Brown, Black, Cream, white, red
1. Using the brown modelling paste, roll an ball approximately 3cm (1¼").
2. Roll it into a sausage 5cm x 2.5cm (2"x 1").
3. Turn one end of the sausage up.
1. Roll 4 balls 1cm (½") wide.
2. Make them into sausages approximately 1.5cm (¾") long.
3. Put each leg into the palm of your hand and run your finger back and forth in the centre of the sausage to make a bone shape.
4. Flattening one end of the shape make 2 of the legs circled and 2 of them straight. 
5. Use the paintbrush handle to put holes into the foot of the legs.
6. Roll the black modelling paste into 4 large pea sized balls.
7. Shape them into cones and glue them into the holes.
Assembling the body
1. Place the body onto a piece of sponge.
2. Glue the legs to the body, with the flatten circled legs as the back legs and the straighter ones at the front.
3. Push a piece of spaghetti into the body for supporting the head.
4. Leave it to dry (At least 24hrs)
1. Make a ball from brown modelling paste approximately 2cm (¾") wide.
2. Roll it into a sausage 3cm x 1.5cm (1¼"x ¾")
3. Place it into the palm of your hand and roll with your finger, flatten one end of it.
4. Using the handle of the paintbrush push eye sockets into the head, resting on the paste to make scores along the top of the nose and then lifting up to make brows. 
5. Using spaghetti (It needs to have a flat end so the cocktail stick is no use) push into the nose and give it a 45 degree lift to push out the nostrils.
6. Use the pointed end of the drinking straw to put the mouth in, pull down as you remove it to give it a big smile. 
7. Roll 4 very small balls of black modelling paste and 1 red. Also 2 slightly larger balls of white. 
8. Brush water into all the holes.
9. Pick up the red ball in the centre with a cocktail stick, this will make a slight ridge in it to make it look like a tongue, pop it into the mouth.
10. Use the flat end of spaghetti to pick up 2 of the black balls and pop them into the nostrils.
 11. Place the white balls into the eye sockets, and then flatten the remaining black balls with your finger, brush with water and stick them to the white eyes. 
12. Tweak the face back into shape if needed.
13. Make the ears using 2 pea sized balls of brown modelling paste.
14. Roll into tear drop shapes and pick up with the small ball of the ball tool.
15. Brush with water and stick to the head with a gentle push.
16. Push the head onto the spaghetti gluing into place and supporting it with a sponge under the chin until dry.
Maine and tail
(This part of the step-by-step is for people who don't have a sugar gun).
1. Roll a strip of cream modelling paste with your hands and then give it a smooth finish by rolling on the worktop with your smoother. 
2. Cut into 5-6 pieces approximately 2cm (1") long.
3. Pinch them together and stick to the behind using sugarglue.
4. Repeat the process and stick a second layer over the first. 
5. Repeat step 1&2 again, pinch slightly off centre and glue to the head.
6. Repeat and cover the first layer with a second
7. Leave to dry before removing the sponges.
 Finished horse!
© Designed and created by Elaine Thomas @ creative celebration cakes.